Living In Liberation
Abundance & Bliss Right Now

As I wake Up Today Meditation 

This is one of our favorite tools that you can utilize every morning to align with your highest level of consciousness so you can manifest the life you desire every day

Manifestation Mastery Meditation Bundle

This meditation bundle is designed to accelerate the manifestation of your best life with 5 meditations to shift your vibration into effortless receiving of prosperity, health, peace, bliss, and love.

Frequency Wave Training

As one of Marci’s ALL TIME FAVORITE tools in her own daily practice, the Frequency Wave Training is all about INTEGRATION of what you want to MANIFEST into form and your Reality. This dynamic training walks you through how to create and implement simple practices every day to Activate and EMBODY what you are learning and receiving- empowering massive and LASTING transformation and allowing you to effortlessly rise into your own liberation

Aligned To Greatness Foundations Program + Live Group Call with Marci

 As one of Marci’s most transformational programs that fills in the gaps and takes you by the hand to micro align all your operating systems so that you can discover what you are unconsciously doing that is blocking what you truly want.
This is the base program that even her million dollar clients and high level peeps start with as it is filled with her favorite tools to bring massive transformation and results into every area of your life. You will also receive an exclusive invite to a live online masterclass and break down to break through Q&A session with Marci and a chance to dive in with her on wherever there is resistance and clear the pathway to then receive. Wait until you experience it, it is truly priceless.

About Awakened Being

What is an Awakened Being? A Being who is awake to ALL the joy, bliss, abundance, love and pleasure that is available. Very few are living in a life they absolutely love. Instead, the “norm” is living in a state of settling, and sacrificing in at least one or often many areas of life. We’re taught that success requires hard work and compromise when the truth is that success is our birthright and our natural state of being. The Awakened Being is your guide to creating the light, love, liberation, peace, and flow of life as your natural state and result in every area of life. It gives you the framework, action steps, and upgraded understandings along with the exact “how to” tools to take you from where you are at, to an even greater Awakened life of Bliss…

About The Author – Marci Lock

Marci Lock Mentor, also known as SunDari, The Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Change Agent for rapid transformation. She guides us beyond the surface-level education of thought leaders and reveals the truth of transformation to exist in heart consciousness as a Feel Leader, activating Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance, and Wholeness Codes for all of humankind. Her genius is taking you past information and teaching you how to integrate it into your daily life to create the change. It isn’t education that changes your life; it’s embodiment.

Pre-Order Bundles Marci Lock

Frequency Wave Training (this is one of my all-time favorite tools that I use daily in my practice and something I teach all of my clients because it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to integrate and activate the codes you are learning and receiving)


Higher Self Activation – Exclusive meditation created for only my high level peeps that travel the world with me. All about how to connect to your true higher self and experiencing the ease and bliss and flow that’s possible when you’re living from the aspect of yourself that already has all the answers


Manifestation Mastery Meditations – Deep dive into tools I’ve used to create my Best Life as well as highlighting why other mainstream techniques only get you so far and how to fix it


Best Life Tribe- This is my family. This is the high level community of conscious people from all over the world practicing and implementing the skills to embody the next level of Life. You also get access to massive transformational programs that people have paid thousands of dollars for and my peeps in the tribe get for free